WordPress 101 Guide: Maintenance

As with all your best machines, they run smoothly when you take care of them. It’s the same with WordPress, so be sure to schedule in regular housekeeping for your website.

Back Ups – If you are using the BackUpWordPress plugin I mentioned before, then you’ve already got this under your belt. You might want to go in and download the latest backup onto your computer or a different storage drive, just in case as well.

Updates – Under the “Dashboard” menu there is an option for “Updates” reminding you of new releases. This is for WordPress itself and for any plugins you have installed. You probably want to backup your site first, but then it’s always good to go ahead and update everything. Updates are released because something is being fixed. You know how fast technology changes… so go with the flow.

Delete Spam Comments – Comments that are marked as spam are still stored in your database, just in case you made a mistake or want to restore them. However, you want to permanently delete them over time, so they don’t eat up space.

Delete Unused Plugins – Over time you might try out plugins and then decide to not use them. You can always activate and deactive them… but if it was just a test, it’s best to clean out and delete the ones you aren’t using anymore. Keep a tidy house!

Content Review – Your site should be a living space on the Web, not full of cob webs. I recommend you revisit the pages of your site to make sure all the content is still relevant. If you are blogging, then be sure to post regularly if possible. If someone lands on your site and the last update was a year ago, they’ll be clicking away pretty fast… nobody wants to visit an outdated site!

Check Statistics – Inform you on what’s popular and not popular on your website. This will help you maintain what is working and perhaps change was is not yielding the results you expect.

That’s it for the basics of WordPress website maintenance. Good housekeeping will surely keep your website running smoothly.

Congratulations! Not only have your setup your own WordPress website. You’ve gone the extra mile with themes, plugins, and maintenance to build yourself a great website.

Give yourself a pat on the back and buy yourself a drink. Now it’s time to tell everyone about your new website.

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