WordPress 101 Guide: Choose a Theme

So you’ve got WordPress setup and some basic information entered… but you don’t really like the generic design you see.

Now this is where the magic really comes into play.¬†Themes control the look and feel of your WordPress website and by default you get a plain jane layout. However, you can choose any theme and it’ll instantly apply to your website with all the same content you entered. It’s just like changing the wardrobe of your website!

If you don’t have the time to mess around with the design, you can certainly use the default theme.

  • Click “Appearance” on the left side menu
  • You’ll see the theme you are currently using and others that are installed (if any)
  • Click “Header” to upload your own custom image
  • Click “Widgets” to control what appears on the right-hand column of your website
  • This can be enough for the time being!

If you definitely want your website to look different, thankfully there are lots of beautiful themes available to you and many are even free.

  • Find yourself a beautiful theme¬†or buy one at WooThemes (use this affiliate link to support this guide)
  • Install it and then Activate it
  • See how your website magically made itself!
  • Every theme will have instructions on how you can customize it

Amazing how a few clicks here and there, helped you to create a beautiful website, huh?

Are you done now?